Thursday, March 1, 2012

an ending and a beginning

 Calloo callay, oh frabjus day!! I finished the tags!

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the process, but early on in the month, I quit the scrapbooking forum I had been on for a couple of years, took my scrappy balls in both hands, and started up my own forum.

In amongst the angst of installing software, rounding up a DT, sorting themes, trying to install a gallery and failing, organising our first challenges, and several meetings with our gorgeous shop owner, Pia, I could have done without the stress of a daily tag.

BUT I DID IT. All of it. (well, not the gallery. I gave up on that and I'm having a professional install it for me.)

I am still in need of guest DTs. If you know someone who'd like a guest stint, of three months, with a kit per month, let me know or point them to

And big thanks to my girls, who supported me and helped me through what was a difficult decision. You know who you are. x

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  1. CONGRATS on finishing ALL of your GORGEOUS TAGS and our WONDERFUL, FUN, NEW HOME !!!!


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