Friday, July 13, 2012

Doctor and the TARDIS get SMASHed

Well, you don't have to hang round me for long to know that I have a deep and abiding love for Doctor Who.
 I adored the show in the 70s, but the New Who has taken me to new heights of geeky fantasy, and so of course I had to do something about it in my SMASH album.

 So here we go -- a little trip through my mind. Scary, hey?

The left page looks kind of plain like this -- but then the TARDIS itself doesn't give much hint of what lies behind that blue door, either.

I wanted these pages to reflect the idea of the TARDIS being bigger on the inside, so the flaps open up to reveal much, much more.

The first flap lifts to reveal pictures of the TARDIS, and a couple of quotes from the show.
Fans will recognise the episodes these came from.


The second flap folds down to reveal more pictures of the TARDIS, and another pocket-page.
This one opens to show -- guess what? the TARDIS! and one of those images is of the TARDIS in human form, as Idris.

This was one of my favourite episodes.

 AT LAST we get to the actual SMASH page.

I've used an image of the TARDIS in all its' regenerations, with some tissue tape and gears from Tim Holtz to reinforce the mechanical/time aspects.

And -- I used a Gallifreyan translator to write the words TARDIS and TIME AND SPACE on the page. (pencil lines have been left in deliberately)

I've also used a direct quote from Idris, which I love.


 Page 2 is about the Doctors.
Only I realised I haven't done anything about the 9th Doctor, must fix that!

I used a Tim Holtz key as the key to the TARDIS -- it could have been SLIGHTLY more perfect if it has said TIME instead of LIFE but I'm still stoked with it.
The 'real' key doesn't have any string on it, I know that, but this one needed something so I used some gorgeous bakers' twine.
 It's lying on top of an entry from The Journal of Impossible Things, another favourite episode, in which the Doctor has to hide out on Earth in 1913. He has no memory of himself as the Doctor, but has odd 'dreams' which he records in a journal. Of Impossible Things, obviously.


More pocket pages.
These ones feature what is universally acknowledged as the scariest episode ever -- Blink.
The monsters in this story are weeping angel statues, that creep up on you while you're not looking -- hence you can't even blink if one is after you.
I wanted this series of images to show the angel getting closer till it revealed itself...


And the backs of the angel pockets have Matt Smith (Doctor 11) and a fabbo quote from one of his eps

and the coolest Centurion ever, Rory Williams (Mr Pond).


 Under the Journal entry at the top, I've slipped The Whovian Prayer.
This is fan-fiction, written by someone very clever.

I've attached an angel wing and a clock.

And there are a couple of journal pages here, which I'll fill out soon.

I still have some work to do on these pages, but I'm happy with how they look so far.
Truthfully, I could probably do a whole album JUST on this show!!