Wednesday, August 22, 2012

matchbox swaps

We've had a matchbox swap running on JellyBean Scrappers.

The theme was ARTY.... and I made two.
I'm showing them first because the one I got back is AMAZING, and mine will look even more dull if I show you the AMAZING one first.

 This is Red.

You open this box just a little to reveal her feet.

Inside the box, a faux quote from the story


 The second one is TinMan



 Here's the one I got back, made by Amanda

Inside, this little goodie:

I absolutely adore this!!
It's so suiting my headspace right now, and Amanda took great care to craft it specially for me, even though it's much darker than her usual style.
 Hop over to her blog and tell her how cool it is, won't you?