Tuesday, March 27, 2012

playing with ink. OR making a mess and loving it.

I'm a bit of a product junkie, but then I get intimidated by how to use the things I've bought, and so they sit in my stash gazing reproachfully at me and gathering dust.

Does that happen to you, too?

A big part of it for me is not knowing why or how certain things work, so I never know 'what else' I can do with it.

THIS is why I'm loving Tim Holtzs' Creative Chemistry 101 class. Knowing how a product is made, how it works, why it does what it does, means I can think of loads of ways to try it out without having to see if someone else has done it first.

Just recently, I joined an Tim Holtz inspired mixed media ATC swap, where we have to use at least one TH product. NOT A PROBLEM!! I reckon I can find at least one!

So I made three different ATCs, using different techniques, and even *gasp!* EXPERIMENTING!!

One of the things I tried was using alcohol ink on mica. You know, mica? the must-have a few years ago? yeah, well, I bought some and then didn't know what to use it for, so it just sat in a drawer, languishing and making me feel guilty.
Turns out, you can colour it with alcohol ink and then layer it over a photo or image and get this amazing vintage look.

I loved the freedom of exploring as I wanted to, loved using something I'd had forever, loved the result, and felt so good for stepping out of my comfort zone.

And here are the ATCs, finished and ready to post. (I made a set for me to keep as well)

Seriously, if you get hung up on using things 'properly', give yourself permission to play with product. Give yourself permission to try, to have a go, and even to mess up.
You'll learn way more that way than by following 'proper' techniques.

It's ALL about the process of creating.

Friday, March 23, 2012

how to get some time to yourself...

Tim Holtz is a GENIUS! Not only does he make the Big Girls happy with his Ideas of Awesome, but he also keeps the Little Girls happy!

check this out ... Miss Seven, colouring a butterfly with Distress Inks and a water-brush!! while Mummy scraps a LO in TOTAL PEACE AND QUIET!!!

I thought she might not be able to handle the brush too well (control the amount of water etc) but she did better than I did! I'll have to get her her own brush, and some 'girly' stamps, I think. And some stamping paper, and some watercolour paper, and a craft apron!!
Look out, ladies -- Junior Artist on the way up.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

creating with T!m

Just making some techniques tags, using Distress Ink pads. I love these babies!!

I've used Iced Spruce (my new favourite colour!), Bundled Sage and Mustard Seed, plus some Vintage Photo and Spiced Marmalade.

Thursday, March 15, 2012



Hear that high-pitched SCREAMING?????


Because LOOK........

 Signed by The Man Himself

 this amazing creation....

 signed AGAIN ...

 The God of Awesome Goodness.

I'm sure he loves that his photo is being kissed by a creepy, old, Australian woman he's never met. AND that she posted it on the Internet.

Right. I'm off for a cup of tea and a browse through this long-awaited masterpiece.

P.S. Can you tell I'm a Big Fan of Mr. Holtz?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

an ending and a beginning

 Calloo callay, oh frabjus day!! I finished the tags!

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the process, but early on in the month, I quit the scrapbooking forum I had been on for a couple of years, took my scrappy balls in both hands, and started up my own forum.

In amongst the angst of installing software, rounding up a DT, sorting themes, trying to install a gallery and failing, organising our first challenges, and several meetings with our gorgeous shop owner, Pia, I could have done without the stress of a daily tag.

BUT I DID IT. All of it. (well, not the gallery. I gave up on that and I'm having a professional install it for me.)

I am still in need of guest DTs. If you know someone who'd like a guest stint, of three months, with a kit per month, let me know or point them to www.jellybeanscrappers.com.

And big thanks to my girls, who supported me and helped me through what was a difficult decision. You know who you are. x