top secret Christmas present

Ever since I saw this post, I've been wanting to create a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit.

This Christmas, I decided to drive myself insane by making not one, but THREE; one for each of my boys (aged 19 and 11) and one for Fabio.

So here is how I did it.

The bandages were the first thing I mad, and I was hugely excited with how well they turned out. (yes, I know)
I used Mega Marshmallows that I got in my local IGA (be warned, they were hideously expensive!) and then made up the packaging in Photoshop. I wrapped the marchmallows in GladWrap to keep them fresh.
They look and feel JUST like bandages!
(hope they don't TASTE like them.....)


Next came TicTacs.....


and good ol' M&Ms.


Of course, no Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit would be complete without bullets....

....and hand grenades. (Kinder eggs, wrapped in *CLEAN* garbage bag plastic, and finished off with a fizzy drink bottle lid.)


The Vitamin Supplements are M&Ms. A couple of chocolate bars became PowerUp bars, and a roll of Rolos became Zombie Defense Serum. I bought some Nerf guns and some Zombie Biohazard tape from ThinkGeek, and fitted it all into a box


Next I printed a heap of 'posters' and some toe tags, plus a couple of 'stickers'.

And then a label and a seal to finish it off.

To wrap the boxes (these are Christmas presents, after all) I went with a jolly red-and-white theme.

I got some sheets of white paper from the fish and chip shop (thanks Cissy!) and covered them in red paint handprints and 'blood' splatters, and then tied the whole thing in some festive danger tape from the hardware store!

So there you have it, I am officially a bit nutso but at least you can't say life is boring at our house.


  1. OMG Toni you are amazing the inventiveness is totally awesome

  2. OMG Toni ... the 'boys' will absolutely LURV these !!!!!! FAB PRESSIE !!!!!

  3. rock!!!
    These are amazing!!! Absolutely fabulous!!!

  4. I am gobsmacked! You are so creative!

  5. Damn woman! YOU are the bomb!

  6. GF these kits are just amazing. The boys are gonna have such a hoot with these on Chrissy morn.

  7. Clever you they are great


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