Friday, March 23, 2012

how to get some time to yourself...

Tim Holtz is a GENIUS! Not only does he make the Big Girls happy with his Ideas of Awesome, but he also keeps the Little Girls happy!

check this out ... Miss Seven, colouring a butterfly with Distress Inks and a water-brush!! while Mummy scraps a LO in TOTAL PEACE AND QUIET!!!

I thought she might not be able to handle the brush too well (control the amount of water etc) but she did better than I did! I'll have to get her her own brush, and some 'girly' stamps, I think. And some stamping paper, and some watercolour paper, and a craft apron!!
Look out, ladies -- Junior Artist on the way up.


  1. AWwww Toni how gorgeous, she is a talented girl xxx

    I want a daughter.

  2. You can borrow mine. She STOLE MY SCISSORS THE OTHER DAY!! Little PIRATE!!!

    1. Thank you she can have my scissors any time

  3. Way to go Katie. get mum to show us the finished piece. xxx.

  4. aw, what a sweetie, so great to get the kids involved. hugs

  5. Very cool! Love to see the finished piece too. Great job!

  6. Love that she is taking part with you. I think sharing a hobby is just great..See you in class....

  7. Well done Katie. Love to see the end product.


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