Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a month of music - DAY TWENTY EIGHT


I canNOT believe I got here. I'm notorious for starting things, and not finishing them, and I wasn't sure I could do this, so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself!

And for the final song, I've gone with this:


  1. great song Toni xxx luv the colours in your tag and the coloured muslin is a fab embellishment !!!! CONGRATS on a wonderful collection of MUSIC TAGS !!!!!

  2. Ann, I puzzled for hours over what to do for the LAST ONE, and then I thought OMG how can I possibly not do a FM song? Then I puzzled for hours over WHICH ONE TO PICK!!

    And Noriel, yes I love the muslin, very happy with it, and of course now I have to buy another set of T!ms' keys...


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