Monday, February 6, 2012

a month of music - DAY SIX



omg I had the BIGGEST crush on Stuart Goddard (Adam) -- totally loved his clothes and make-up, and this was one of my favourite songs.

For the front, I wanted to try and capture the whole costume thing he had going on, so I used black plastic from a shopping bag and fashioned a 'jacket', and added the Fastenator staples and ruffle.
The charm and ribbon came next (charm purchased from my2angels) and then I raided my daughters' Barbie box, looking for a doll with suitable hair to steal.
ALL THE HAIR WAS BLONDE, except for one, and it was snarled into a massive cloud. SO I had to untangle it with conditioner, THEN glue and wrap it around a pencil to get the curl.
I added the little skull and crossbones charm (again from my2angels) and ta-dah! done.
Now for the back.

Cleverly, I decided to heat emboss the back. And the heat transferred through the tag and shrank the plastic and made it all bubbly and I had to do some massive repairs.
Really, I should have just started all over again, but I just didn't have the time. So here it is, in all its' flawed glory.

At least the song is still good.

well I'm standing here looking at you
what do I see?
I'm looking straight through
it's so sad
when you're young
to be told
you're having fun

so unplug the jukebox
and do us all a favour
that music's lost its taste
so try another flavour -

well I'm standing here what do I see?
a big nothing
threatening me
it's so sad
when you're young
to be told
you're having fun

don't tread on an ant he's done nothing to you
there might come a day
when he's treading on you
don't tread on an ant you'll end up black and blue
you cut off his head
legs come looking for you 


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