Monday, October 29, 2012

how to kill a miniature vampire

Ann over at JellyBean Scrappers posed us a tiny challenge for our Halloween cybercrop - to scrap a miniature project, less than 4x4 inches.
Her example is stunning, and here's the link to her blog to see more of her fabulous and delicious work.

My take on the challenge was to scrap a miniature vampire killing kit. (yes, that's how my brain works).

 I took a perfectly innocent little tin, and inked the outside with Espresso alcohol ink.

Then I papered the inside with scraps of G45 paper I had left over from the cabinet.

I made some stakes from toothpicks, a mallet from a scrap of dowel and a piece of toothpick (please be impressed by that, I actually had to drill a hole in the dowel to push the toothpick into), then added a bottle of Holy Water, a cross charm, and a Bible.

Cleverly, I managed to make a Satanic Bible by accidentally gluing the cover on upside-down.
I assure you, this was an accident, not a statement, and I'll add it to the List of Things I Have To Answer For.

So, there we go. Do you like it?


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