Saturday, May 29, 2010

my Princess

Here's a LO I made today, showing off my lovely little girl as flower girl at my sisters' wedding. Isn't she adorable?
Happily, I used up a chippie heart that's been annoying me forever and a day, and dragged out the Jasmine Cricut cart that I insisted I needed desperately, and have used maybe half a dozen times. *blush*

There will be plenty more wedding LOs to come, apologies in advance.....


  1. "" GORGEOUS "" page xx

    Oh Toni my poor circut is so neglected and it sits on my desk. thank goodness it hasn't got arms or it would biff

  2. LOL thank goodness arms aren't a feature then! I wish I would remember to use mine more, I love what you can do with titles.

  3. Gorgeous darling, I knew you would do justice to this beautiful pic!!! xxx

  4. Oh, she is PRECIOUS!!! And your LO is absolutely gorgeous, Toni!

    (Your buying habits sound like mine: "OOH, I HAVE to have this!" And then, I might get around to using it...someday!)

  5. Toni, BEAUTIFUL LO and Katie IS ADORABLE!!!!


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